Get into shape to look great, feel great and play your best golf.

Join the 10,000s of golfers who have harnessed the power of golf fitness to hit the ball with more distance, consistency and accuracy.


Why You Need A Blueprint

If you’re tired of wasting time and money feeling lost about what to do next, get Golf Body Blueprint today. This powerful online training course will walk you through the only five steps you’ll ever need to get your body in shape to feel and look great, and to play your best golf.

Learn our 5-step formula that transforms your body into a strong, flexible, distance generating machine.

Find out how to take advantage resistance/strength the right way so your workouts are as simple as they are effective.

Discover how a simple tweak in intensity (not puking your guts out) saves you a ton of time in your busy lifestyle.

Learn how to start moving better, especially in your golf mobility areas like your hips, shoulders, back, neck and ankles.

Learn how crash diets set you up to fail and why small changes make a long-lasting effect on your weight and physique.

Discover the secret to speed. If you're going to hit the ball farther, you're going to need to swing faster - we'll show you.

Your Golf Body Blueprint Plan

1. Get the Course

2. Follow the 8-week program

3. Get in shape and play your best golf

With All The Conflicting Information Out There, We Understand How Confusing It Can Be To Find A Program That Works For You

For 10+ years, we’ve been helping golfers look their best, feel their best and play their best golf using five simple steps that work.


The ONLY plan you’ll ever need!

Does this sound like you?

You want to get into better shape and play better golf. But the demands of a family and career that never seem to leave time for much else and confusion always seem to get in your way. You know you are capable of looking and playing much better and you should be beating the pants off the other guys, but you’re lacking a clear path to reach your potential.

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You’ve tried everything and wonder if you’ll ever figure it out. We understand how hard it can be. With all of the miracle products, endless golf tips and fad workouts, we know how confusing it can be to find what works. Even with all of the clutter, we’ve figured out how to accomplish extraordinary success both on and off the course. We work with the best coaches in the world and have helped thousands play better golf. The truth is that it’s not your fault that you’ve tried and failed to get into shape or that you keep getting derailed.

The process is simply broken!

What you need is a better way. That is why we’ve leveraged all of our experience to create Golf Body Blueprint – a step-by-step plan that gives you a proven path to accomplishing your golf and fitness goals this year. If you want to go from struggling and confused to clear and in control…To finally have the exact steps to look, feel and play to your potential, Golf Body Blueprint will get you there.

We Show You Exactly What To Do Every Single Day

Never be confused or doubt if you’re spending your time on the right things!

You Get The Complete Golf Body Blueprint

This course is your complete step-by-step golf fitness plan.  We will teach you exactly how to use the five components of a successful golf fitness program and make them work for you.

Get your body's golf mobility areas moving better so you can take control of your swing.

Improve how you eat with simple habit changes that will last forever and take the guesswork out of nutrition.

Use strength training to make your workouts devastatingly effective so you're never wasting time.

Use Intensity to your full advantage and make every minute and every move of your workout count.

Use the overspeed training secret to increase your distance without losing consistency or accuracy.

What’s my investment?

How much time have you already wasted on ineffective programs, fad diets, gadgets and the latest training “miracle”? Months? Probably years. How many times do you not like the body you see in the mirror? How often are you dissatisfied at your scorecard? How many times have you told yourself, “There’s got to be a better, easier way.” Not having a plan specifically designed for golfers and your busy lifestyle is costing you your health and strokes on the course every single day.

What our students are saying…

“Finished the 8 weeks – challenging but very good experience. Dropped 7 pounds (bonus) by adhering to the nutritional changes made and gained over 12 mph clubhead speed. Now to find time to put that on the course!! Great job Jeff Pelizzaro and 18STRONG. I’ve programmed out my next month and keeping the grind going!” -Jeff D., North Port, FL


•8-Week online training course, broken down day-by-day specifically designed for golfers to make you look, feel and play great

•Course available on all your devices so you’ll never lose momentum by missing a workout

•Videos (not crude drawings) for every movement to keep you free from injury and maximize your effectiveness

•Downloadable tracking sheets to easily record your progress and see your improvement

•Workout calendar that helps you stay motivated because we all love to cross off days

•Cookbook with meal ideas so you know how to eat food that tastes great, but is still great for you

•Recommended Resources area that takes the guesswork and time out of finding the best products